Whatshotinhiphop.com was founded by Jeffrey"Blackfoot"Hunter,

Chief Executive Officer in 2009 and in 2012 it was Launched for the World to see.

Realizing that a project of such magnitude could not be achieved without the expertise of certain individuals, two of his best friends whom are now co-owners, were hired,

Rasheen "Da computerguy" Odom, Chief Information and Technology Officer and

Jah’frey "Chef Ju’von" Hutto, Chief Social Media Officer

The Company americaneagle.com that developed The New York Giants Football Team website was also hired to make Mr. Hunter’s vision become a reality.

Some of the people from AE that was involved in the development and creativeness of this website were Kevin Corbett, Anna Hana and Matt Krawiec.

Collectively we were able to put together a comprehensible website that provides a reliable source of information and new music in the Hip Hop and R&B community.

Remember, If It’s Not Here It’s Not Hot………..



Company Overview


www.whatshotinhiphop.com is a Marketing and Media Platform Specializing in the Delivery of Information Via the Internet in Breaking News, Rumors, Interviews, Videos and New Music from a Hip Hop and R&B Cultural Perspective.


Our Mission

To promote peace and provide assistance to the millions of people suffering throughout the world.