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Take Wing and Soar-Anthony and Cleopatra



As I was pleasantly put on the spot from a possible future employer" What's Hot in Hip Hop" to give a review I nervously entered the theatre midway into the play and had to leave a bit early so please take that into account. However I must say what I did see was really good ...for the most part:

If you want to be a part of something create it and that's just what Take Wing and Soar Productions has done along with the wonderfully talented  direction of Miss Petronia Paley and  somewhat of a strong cast; behold the mostly all black cast of Antony and Cleopatra. This production was a treat for me but not without its bumps and bruises which included many lighting issues and a few missteps in the casting department, however all was forgotten once the piece finally took flight led by the wonderful and powerful Miss Debra Ann Byrd as Cleopatra, the eloquent and very effective  Amar Srivastava as Pompey, The sweet perfection of Nehassaiu deGannes as Octavia and last but not least  Carsey Walker as Enobarbus who lit up the stage instantly and no doubt will have a  long career for sure! 

From the sweet theatre space "The Poet's Den",to the costume department should be proud , the work did not go unnoticed, the bare bones  set was also  great, a well thought out asset to the piece. With a few tweaks I believe this production will be and should be back for another run.