Oluwaseyi Joseph

SEYI has released the full visual for his reflective "N>I>B" track titled "Sippin Tea". Filming was done this past summer to capture the summer vibes of his hometown of Far Rockaway NY. SEYI has spent the last 4 years prominently in Farmingale NY working towards a bachelor's degree and building a fanbase in the surrounding Long Island area through his resourceful networking. It's been a productive year for the self-proclaimed "Wannabe" which included the release of the before mentioned project N>I>B, Opening for artist including Fat Joe, PNB Rock, Justina Valentine and more on separate occasions, and now he follows up his first music video for "Wanna Be" with his second for "Sippin Tea". The video was inspired by SEYI's desire to present the Rockaway area on a world stage and be a figure that could down the line make a difference.