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Boss Goodie is making a splash with the release of the new single and video "RIF.B" featuring Leona Harper and Buggz. The video, directed by William Dusan and produced by Buggz, is a song about survival and turning tragedy into triumph. Goodie is seen masking the stresses of life with liquor and other forms of self-medication, all while striving to get out his dreams. Buggz not only engineers the track, he churns out a verse well-worth a second listen posed against Leona Harper’s raw vocals. The video for "RIF.B" chronicles the life of an up and coming artist, the mis-steps in the business and the always hard-pressed desired to make it to the top. Dusan does an exceptional job of creating a story-line based on living one’s life to the fullest despite the struggles holding him back. Boss Goodie has a heavy flow with a determined presence to his rhymes. Leona Harper, the resident singer is positively mind-blowing on the hook and also as the complement to the antagonist’s character. Watch the William Dusan directed video for "RIF.B" here. The hook is a throw to the song’s titled acronym, "Rest is for Billionaires," which also happens to be the latest in hot and innovative apparel. The idea is to create a system of artistic movement that doesn’t stop until billionaire status is reached. A lofty goal, sure, but with talented and ambitious souls pumping out the latest in progressive art movements, these young cats are well on their way.